Anthony Wee

Managing Director

Anthony was called to the bar in 1997 and joined Cooma, Lau & Loh as an associate.


For the first 4 years of his practice, Anthony was heavily involved in building construction disputes as well as insurance related disputes. In his fifth year of practice onwards, Anthony’s focus has leaned towards insurance related disputes.


In August 2001, Anthony joined Rajah & Tann as part of the team led by Mr Quentin Loh, S.C.. In Rajah & Tann, Anthony spent 2 years as part of the commercial litigation team before moving on to join the building and infrastructure team. In 2005, Anthony was made a partner in Rajah & Tann’s building and infrastructure team and during his time in the building and infrastructure team, Anthony continued to be involved in building and construction matters whilst being heavily involved in insurance related disputes.


Anthony left Rajah & Tann to form his own firm, United Legal Alliance LLC, with Mr Michael Eu Hai Meng in August 2006. From a two-man law firm, United Legal Alliance LLC grew. At its peak in 2018, United Legal Alliance LLC had a stable of 20 lawyers.


In 2021, United Legal Alliance LLC was recognized as being one of “Singapore’s Best Law Firms” by The Straits Times and Statista. Quite tragically, it was also in 2021 that the directors of United Legal Alliance LLC decided to voluntarily liquidate the firm. This decision led directly to the formation of Titanium Law Chambers LLC in April 2021.

Cases of note handled by Anthony are as follows:
  • Lassiter Ann Masters v To Keng Lam (alias Toh Jeanette) [2004] 2 SLR(R) 392

  • Lassiter Ann Masters (suing as the widow and dependant of Lassiter Henry Adolphus, deceased) v To Keng Lam (alias Toh Jeanette) [2005] 2 SLR(R) 8

  • Stork Technology Services Asia Pte Ltd (formerly known as Eastburn Stork Pte Ltd) v First Capital Insurance Ltd [2006] 3 SLR(R) 652

  • SBS Transit Ltd v Stafford Rosemary Anne Jane (administratrix of the estate of Anthony John Stafford, deceased) [2007] 2 SLR(R) 211

  • Ngiam Kong Seng and another v Lim Chiew Hock [2008] 3 SLR(R) 674

  • Chai Kang Wei Samuel v Shaw Linda Gillian [2010] 3 SLR 587

  • Ter Yin Wei v Lim Leet Fang [2012] 3 SLR 172

  • Jaidin bin Jaiman v Loganathan a/l Karpaya and another [2013] 1 SLR 318

  • Lai Wai Keong Eugene v Loo Wei Yen [2014] 3 SLR 702

  • Asnah bte Ab Rahman v Li Jianlin [2016] 2 SLR 944

  • Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Singapore and another v AM General Insurance Bhd (formerly known as Kurnia Insurans (Malaysia) Bhd) (Liew Voon Fah, third party) [2018] 4 SLR 882
Anthony also held / holds the following positions:
  • Founding and current chairperson of the Small Law Firms Chapter, Professional Affairs Committee, Singapore Academy of Law

  • Founding chairperson of the Personal Injury and Property Damage Committee, Law Society.

  • Founding member of Ethics Committee, Alexandra Hospital

  • Founding and current member of the Clinical Ethics Committee, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

  • Current member of the Transplant Ethics Committee, Human Organ Transplant Act

  • Member of the Law Reform Committee to Review the Law on Damages for Personal Injury and Death (2014)

  • Sub-Committee Member of the Personal Injury (Claims Assessment) Review Committee (Adjustment Tables).

It was the case of Lai Wai Keong Eugene v Loo Wei Yen – [2014] 3 SLR 702 which Anthony argued in the Court of Appeal that led directly to the formation of the Law Reform Committee to Review the Law on Damages for Personal Injury and Death and Personal Injury (Claims Assessment) Review Committee.


These Law Reform Committees eventually paved the way to a change in the means by which loss of future earnings and future medical expenses are assessed. Starting from 1 April 2021, the multipliers to be used in coming to the final amount of damages to be awarded for loss of future earnings and future medical expenses would be based on the publication, “Actuarial Tables with explanatory notes for use in Personal Injury and Death Claims”.


Anthony is proud to have been involved in catalysing the changes in law such that claimants who suffer from major injuries and dependants of breadwinners who are killed in accidents would no longer be unduly and unwittingly under-compensated.