Nur Liyana Kamaludin

Senior Associate

Liyana graduated with a Juris Doctor (summa cum laude, the equivalent of first class honours) from the Singapore Management University Yong Pung How School of Law in 2021.  Prior to reading law, she had earned a Bachelor of Business (Honours) with Distinction from Nanyang Technological University.

Liyana began her legal career in the Dispute Resolution department at Allen & Gledhill LLP, a big four law firm in Singapore.  After honing her skills in both contentious and non-contentious Construction Law, Liyana pursued her personal aspiration to practise Syariah and Family Law at I.R.B. Law LLP, one of the largest Syariah Law practices in Singapore.

With a passion for the law and a commitment to excellence, Liyana joined Titanium Law Chambers LLC to blend her expertise in Construction Law with her desire to serve her community as a Syariah Law practitioner.  Her personal experiences, including witnessing her aunts struggle as litigants-in-person in their own divorce matters, have shaped her empathetic approach to client representation.

As an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore, Liyana has represented clients in various complex matters, including:

Construction Law

  • Representing a government entity in a defects dispute exceeding $1.5 million
  • Successfully mediating and settling a High Court suit exceeding $1 million
  • Advising on the enforcement of parent company guarantees in a cross-border dispute involving Indonesian construction companies
  • Preparing Particular Conditions to various REDAS Design and Build Conditions of Contract, SIA Articles and Conditions of Building Contract, and Public Sector Standard Conditions of Contract for multinational construction companies and government-linked entities
  • Reviewing Consultancy, Professional Services and Project Management Agreements, including for a company utilising pre-fabricated / modular construction methods

Syariah / Family Law

  • Encouraged a client facing domestic abuse to apply for a Personal Protection Order alongside divorce proceedings in the Syariah Court
  • Advocated for a divorce on the basis of fasakh for a wife whose husband disappeared and was uncontactable after incurring significant debts in her name
  • Represented an ex-wife who concurrently sought maintenance orders in the Family Justice Courts for a child whose custody had been granted to her ex-husband, as well as a variation of the custody orders in the Syariah Court
  • Even negotiated on behalf of a wife for informal / extra-judicial custody arrangements in respect of the couple’s five cats

Beyond the legal realm, Liyana cherishes family time and embraces outdoor adventures.  Whether jogging through the city or conquering rock walls, Liyana approaches every aspect of life with unwavering tenacity and enthusiasm, mirroring the determination and vigour she brings to her legal practice.